Magdalena Pawlowska

Magdalena Pawłowska

Ul. Balicka 83 Kraków
tel. +48124218551
mobile +48728541440


Range of examinations

For english speakers Certified psychoterapist and clinical psychologist: family and couple therapy,counseling ,individual therapy in psychological andpsychiatrical problems, support and problem managing in somatic cases.

Individual and family therapy, psychosomatics and psychooncology by fluently english speaking therapist.


  • 2015 Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Faculty of Philosophy, graduated from the Department of  Psychology, master’s degree in psychology.
  • 2018 Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Faculty of Philosophy, graduated from the Department of  Psychology - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.)
  • Fluent command of English - Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English: experience in teaching English for individuals and groups; translation of papers and books, mainly from the field of psychiatry, medicine, culture and science (i.e. for Country Council of Medical Examinations, Department of Pharmacology of Jagiellonian University Medical College, Department of Clinical Psychology of Jagiellonian University