Małgorzata Chechlińska - Święch

Małgorzata Chechlińska - Święch

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Range of examinations

For english speakers Certified psychoterapist and clinical psychologist: family and couple therapy,counseling ,individual therapy in psychological andpsychiatrical problems, support and problem managing in somatic cases (oncological, cardiac, serious operations, patological pregnancy, etc).

Individual and family therapy, psychosomatics and psychooncology by fluently english speaking therapist.


  • 1990 - 1995 Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Faculty of Philosophy, graduated from the Department of  Psychology, master’s degree in psychology ( diploma with the best mark).
  • 2005 Certified Specialist in Clinical Psychology (nr3659/7)

Professional Experience

  • 15.10.1997 –17.10.99 Work in Outpatients Ward, Clinic of Psychiatry of Adults, Jagiellonian University
  • 1.04.1999- 30.19.1999 work  in Psychoterapy Center Polish Association of Psychologists Practics
  • 11.1992-01.1994 numerous practices and woluntary cooperation in Clinic of Psychiatry of Adults Jagiellonian University in Cracow :voluntary work in the Family Sub-unit,practice in Department of Family Therapy ,Youth Ward, stydents practice-Clinic of Psychiatry of Children and Youth CMUJ
  • 2001-2005 Specialization practices: in Neurology Ward CMUJ,in Clinics of Psychoterapy CMUJ,in Children Psychiatry Ward of st.Ludwik’s SpecialistHostpital ,in Adult Psychiatry Clinics CMUJ
  • seminars and workshops for medicine students in general psychology and psychology of health as an assistant in Clincs of Gynaekology, Oncology and Obstetrics CMUJ
  • Participation in organising of special camps of addiction prophylactics and interpersonal skills for youth of secondary schools,
  • Carrying out of several workshops within the range of sexual education, addiction prophylactics and interpersonal contacts for young people.

Job Qualifications

  • Three-year Postgraduate Study in Family  Therapy (training course carried out by The Cracow Foundation of Development of Psychotherapy,authorised by Scientific Division of Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychiatric Society,
  • Three-year training course “Basics of Psycho-dynamic Psychotherapy of  2nd stage” (organised by Psycho-dynamic Psychotherapy Centre, recommended by The Society of Psychotherapists of Scientific Division of Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychiatric Society,
  • Several training sessions and workshops within the range of psychotherapy, interpersonal communication, assertiveness and addiction prophylactic

Additional qualifications

  • Fluent command of English - Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (1991): experience in teaching English for individuals and groups; translation of papers and books, mainly from the field of psychiatry, medicine, culture and science (i.e. for Country Council of Medical Examinations, Department of Pharmacology of Jagiellonian University Medical  College ,Department of Clinical Psychology of JagiellonianUniversity, Clinic of Psychiatry of Jagiellonian University Medical College in Cracow, Psycho-dynamic Psychotherapy Centre,  newspaper “Polish Daily”) and translations a vista.